Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I just seem so sad lately. I think it is a combination of the rainy weather and my sister Gabby being gone. The only hope of friendship was lost when my lousy sister Ransom "said" she was coming over then had some lame excuse of her spokeswoman's husband coming down with some type of illness. I mean can't she come up with a better one than that. Just say it Ransom.... you don't want to come. Boo hoo I have to go now.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ransom you dirty dog.........trying to post these terrible pictures of me. I can't believe you could do that. Joey had it right I was distracted by the camera. You know how I love to have my picture taken. I was so excited I wasn't paying attention to my spokeswomen.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well, my sister Gabby left for Alaska on Monday, as much as I hate to admit it I really miss her. Her barking drove me nuts but now that she is gone I would give anything to hear her bark again. The neigbnor dog keeps asking me if I kicked Gabby out. He gave me the cold shoulder for a couple of days but then he realized she really did move.

My coat is going everywhere. My owners keep brushing me and I look half as thin as of even a couple of weeks ago. I over heard my spokes women talking about an order she placed today of a furminator. Gabs had one and it worked great to cool me off with this heavy coat.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greeneland Shepards

These are myself, and my two sisters' spokespeople with their matching green shirts with OUR faces and NAMES on them!!!!
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Vader Believes in Free Stylin' rather than Heeling!

Hey there Vader...Ransom here...I see you haven't posted in three days now. Figures. You always were the slackard of the family! Guess I'll just have to post for you so your "fans" (can I roll my eyes here!) won't be left languishing! So, here's a picture of you "heeling" with your Spokesperson. Yup. I got plenty more where that one came from! I would suggest that if you don't want ME posting on your blog, you had better get busy and do it yourself, dear brother!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ransom, you dirty rotten thing!!!!!!!! You are always trying to make yourself look better in all the pictures. You always try to get close to the Spokeswomen, shoving Gabbs and I out of the way. We don't appreciate it Ransom. If you are going to act that way then just stay home next time. By the way it would be nice if Gabbs could come stay with you for awhile, she is driving me nuts!!!!! She asks me all these girl questions and I don't have an answer to them. You are her SISTER and YOU won't take her in.......come on we are family! I have helped her out and helped her out, she just needs to find a place of her own. I try to make nonchalant comments giving little hints but she doesn't get it. I don't want to hurt her feelings. But come on I let her stay two weeks last time and told her I just needed a little space. Then she came begging me to please just let her stay a week. But you know how she is, a week turns in to two and I just can't get rid of her. Did I mention what a food hog she is.....and she barks, barks, barks, barks, barks. she just wont' shut up. I try and apologize to the neighbor dogs when she is on the other side of the yard. It is so embarrassing. I just think Gabbs, will you shut up!! Lisa, sure got it right by naming her Gabby. Please Ransom just help me out this once. You know she "plans" on leaving for Alaska in a week and a half, but you know how that goes.
I had such a fun time with my sisters yesterday. We had gobs of pictures taken and of course I am the best looking dog of the three of us. I have always been favored since we were born. My poor sisters just really didn't turn out that pretty. I have always been the leader of the bunch. You should of seen some pictures yesterday, my sisters just laid down and I was the star of the show, naturally. I mean they just fall down at my presence because they know who is the boss. I am just a natural born leader. I will be writing more to all my fans later.

(My sister, Ransom, is peeking over my back, while my sister, Gabs, peeks out from underneath!)