Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh the joys of summer!!!!!! My spokeswomen has taken me on some beautiful walks on the trails near our house. It is so refreshing to get out for awhile and see other dogs. We have some really nice kids that live near by that always pet me in a nice way. Not the other type. You guys know what I am talking about the kind that rub your fur backwards....... pull your tail........and yank your fur out. They think oh, hes shedding lets help him along but they pull the fur that is not all ready coming out. You want to snap but the spokespeople standing near by would beat you to death so you have to stand there and endure the treatment from the little people. Thankfully we don't have any of those near by. They did however have pet day at school a week before school was out and of course I wanted to go. Although they had little people like I described above and they were "those type". But my spokes person's husband bragged and bragged on me at how well I did at school so I guess I did a good job of "not showing" how upset I was getting.

Hope you all are having a great summer.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I was out in the yard bored to tears and then realized some fun I had had last summer chewing on some wires. Now if I remember correctly I overheard my spokeswoman saying they went to the air conditioner. For some reason after my fun experience last year my spokes woman's husband put up a wire fence to keep me from having fun chewing on the wires. You see last time my people didn't have air conditioning for awhile due to my fun time. Well you see the kids I take care of like to play behind the fence and they think it is a hide out so they bent the fence down for me so I could play again. I thought it was so thoughtful of them to do that. Well, needless to say I took advantage of the opportunity to have fun again this year. Boy, let me tell my spokes woman's husband was furious at me!!!!!!!!!! I thought he was going to rip me to shreds. I was down right scared for me life. Don't believe I will be doing that anymore.
Wow! Did you see my sister Gabs beautiful view. Wow, how exciting! When is she going to invite Ransom and me out. I want to see the wild dogs. I wonder if they are friendly or mean? Looks like Gabby is having the time of her life. Boy she sure has to carry a lot! That is kind of mean of her spokeswoman.
Ransom so glad to hear you are feeling better,even if you are a hypocondryact. I keep waiting for you to show up but your spokeswoman has all this stuff to do she won't bring you over. Hope to see you soon Sis.