Monday, May 4, 2009

Wow! Did you see my sister Gabs beautiful view. Wow, how exciting! When is she going to invite Ransom and me out. I want to see the wild dogs. I wonder if they are friendly or mean? Looks like Gabby is having the time of her life. Boy she sure has to carry a lot! That is kind of mean of her spokeswoman.
Ransom so glad to hear you are feeling better,even if you are a hypocondryact. I keep waiting for you to show up but your spokeswoman has all this stuff to do she won't bring you over. Hope to see you soon Sis.

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Ransom said...

Whoa, there, brother of mine! MY Spokeswoman was available to bring me over today, tomorrow, and either Thursday or Friday. It is YOUR SPOKESWOMAN that is too busy for us to come!!!

And who are you calling a hypochondriac? I'll have you know, I DID have some serious ailment that laid me flat for nearly an entire day...and it has given me an entire new perspective on life...I don't take the simplest things for granted anymore. Having a close brush with death like that changes a dog, you know!