Friday, June 19, 2009

That was so nice of the birthday wishes. Even Joey who is not in my family wished me happy birthday. How did he know? Thank you.

Well, it sure would be nice if we could celebrate together but one sis is in Alaska and the other sis I hardly ever see. At least my spokeswoman's kids come and play with me all the time. Ever since they have been out of school they play and play with me. In fact sometimes I wish they would go inside and leave me be. They always want to play these games that I am not interested in but.........I think at least they are spending time with me. So.....I play along. They keep buying me these girl toys and I AM A BOY! They say they can't find boy colors but give me a break it is embarrassing when the neighbor dogs see purple and pink toys in the yard. At least they buy me something to chew on so I shouldn't complain. I do love those kids!

Hope you all are having a great summer!

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Ransom said...

Well, Vader, I'll have to have the Ninjas have a talk with those kids of yours! There are plenty of neutral gender toys at my quacking sheep, my flying rabbit, my plastic fish, my red tug toy, my now voiceless flying duck. Looking in my toybox, I don't have a SINGLE pink or purple toy.

I wish you could talk your people into bringing you over here for a visit! The Oldest Ninja, the Spokespeople, and the evil Border Collie have all turned against's kind of lonely in my neck of the woods...

(When you come, can you bring some bacon...and ice cream?)