Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hey everyone, my spokespeople went of vacation and left me with the neighbor boy in charge. He was real nice but not like my family. Boy were they missed.

I am sorry you are having a rainy summer Joey, maybe it will dry up so your family can take you on walks.

I am sorry to hear that my bull terrier friends get treated badly by the neighbor kids. That stinks.

Ransom my sweet sister I would of loved to take you on walks but....... you always just wanted to go on short block around the house. My spokeswomen always takes me on the trails and I would love for you to go with us next time.


Ransom said...

Vader, you got left behind, too?! So did I!! My people are hanging out in Colorado and I have a Sitter Girl while they are away. Actually, I hit the jackpot! She is a PUSHOVER!!!...and she feels sorry for us that we got left behind!!! She's been spoiling us silly. I, for one, do NOT miss my people!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vader! Sorry you didn't get to go on vacation with your family. I think dogs should be allowed everywhere - hmph! I'm glad the boy that took care of you was nice, though. I hope you're having lots of fun walking on the trails - that sounds great!

See ya!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Happy birthday!

Gabby Pachis said...


Ransom said...

Hope you had an EXCELLENT B-Day, Brother!!!